The research continues now with the 1890-decade newspapers.

The Greatest Athletes of the Modern Era

This series has only two events to come from the men's athletics. There will be a delay for publishing those events - men's shot put and hammer throw - because the studies of period 1891-1899 is going to take the time.

Athletics in the 19th Century

This series of books is planned to cover the whole 19th century. The first five volumes contain the years 1881-1884, 1885-1888, 1857-1864, 1849-1856 and 1801-1848. To make an order, please, contact the Finnish Athletics Archive Association (Mikko Nieminen).

The Early History of Modern Field Athletics

The book covers plenty of unpublished data from the early history of athletics on its 127 pages. It goes much deeper than the previous studies, e.g., by the British historians Eric Cowe and Harry Berry. It also is much more wider covering the very first time world-wide data. The book is published under the "NURMI"-series of the Finnish Athletics Archive Association. As an example of the statistical part of the book, I enclose here the year's 1862 pole vault data. To make an order, please, contact the association (Mikko Nieminen).

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